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Yelled from a car at Queen and Broadview
Comedy trio provides over-the-top humour to a packed house
The Gazette
Pride Week without the B-Girlz would be like a monochromatic rainbow flag: just plain wrong!
NOW Magazine
From Degrassi B-Girlz High to Vegas Bound and Gagged, these Technicolour Golden Girls are putting theatre back into drag.
FAB Magazine (Cover)
They are top notch performers, singing their own songs (no lip-syncing), great dancers, with sketch comedy in between and overall just electrifying to watch!
The Medium
We decided with it being our fifth Pride festival this year, we really wanted to make it very special… The B-Girlz are internationally known, they're Canadian, they have a very strong following, plus they're incredibly colourful. They are Canada's most fabulous, most colourful queer comedy troupe.
The Standard Freeholder
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