Short Films

THE ELEVATOR - It's the night the B-Girlz have been looking forward to all year long - the night of the Golden Orbit Awards and the girlz have each been nominated for a prestigious award. But on this fatefull night, as the B-girlz rush to the theatre - something goes terribly wrong.

B-HIND THE BLOOPERS: Behind the scenes with The B-Girlz and their friends who helped them create their 2nd short film, "The Elevator". Featuring The B-Girlz: Barbie-Q, Conchita, Hard Kora, Nico Stagias, Joanna O'Sullivan, Paul (PJ) DeBoy, Sylvain Bombardier, Allen Braude, Mike Moore, Ken Aucoin, Edited by Mark German. (Circa 2004)

DEGRASSI B-GIRLZ HIGHNo topic is taboo when The B-Girlz head back to high school in this spoof of the award winning and internationally acclaimed iconic Canadian television franchise; Degrassi Junior High

CANADA'S NEXT TOP SHOWGIRL: The ultimate guilty pleasure, Canada's Next Top Showgirl contains all the makings of great television: catty drama, photo shoots, backstabbing, and skinny girls with attitude.


Why has Kora been acting so strange since the girlz day trip to the local beach? Has Kora forgotten to make an appointment at the beauticians or is there something more sinister afoot?

Can Ivana and Barbie-Q survive this change in Kora will they be infected by her new attitude as well? Only time will tell whether these girlz can endure their latest hair rising adventure.

TORONTO! TORONTO!!: In 2004, Toronto was plagued by SARS, Mad Cow and Mel Lastman. The B-Girlz decided they needed to get political and shot a musical tribute video to the town they love best. The video features a cameo by city councillor and Jack Layton's main squeeze, Olivia Chow! Music and lyrics by Alan Moon.

ICE SKATE CANADA: The fabulous B-Girlz prepare for their ice-skating debut! Filmed as part of The B-Girlz live show B-GIRLZ ON (THIN) ICE! More info @

THE AUNTIE FRUELLAH PROJECT: The B-Girlz visit Barbie-Q's aunt Fruellah, but she is nowhere to be found. Originally created as an in-show video for "Bloodbath at Aunt Fruellah's" which played for one night only at the Rivoli in Toronto. (Circa 2002)


From the Archives

THE MERMAN-OFF: The Merman-Off was a one-hour comedy special for the Comedy Network starring "Goddess of Oddness" Stella Walker.  This over-the-top tribute to the spirit of Ethel Merman featured 23 performers a singing dog and The B-Girlz.

PRIDEVISION TELETHON "MAGGIE CASSELLA": Because The B-Girlz said so! Maggie Cassella phones the B-Girlz while they are begging for more subscribers during a Pridevision telethon. (Circa 2002).

PRIDEVISION "SUBSCRIBE NOW": The B-Girlz beg you to subscribe to Pridevision (Circa 2002).

LYP TRIX: The B-Girlz play a game with the home audience on "Speakers Corner", CityTV (Circa 2000).

"UNTITLED" THE LOST POETRY OF GRAY V BOAT:" The B-Girlz perform poetry by the long lost B-Girl "Gray V Boat" on the long lost and forgotten "The Toronto Show", 2004.

TORONTO! TORONTO!!: Live on Toronto 1The B-Girlz drop by the now defunct "Toronto 1" to perform a live version of their SARS tribute anthem "Toronto! Toronto!!". Recorded live in front of a studio audience on Oct 9, 2003. The B-Girlz also recorded a musical video of "Toronto! Toronto!!" which features a surprise cameo by OLIVIA CHOW.

OUIJA BOARD: The B-Girlz created a series of short interstitials for the Movieola Channel.

B-GIRLZ AT TORONTO PRIDE 1998: The B-Girlz hijack the Labatt truck at Toronto Pride.

HARD KORA'S 46 SECONDS ON "QUEER AS FOLK": HARD KORA drops by the set of QUEER AS FOLK for an improptu "Biggest Penis Contest" and a quick visit to the craft services table. Season 1, Episode 4: Episode #1.4 First Aired: 21 January 2001

WEBCAM "WHEN BARBIE-Q'S AWAY": Conchita and Hard Kora spend a little quality time with their new webcam. (Circa 2001)

THOROUGHLY MODERN GIRLZ: The video open to "Thoroughly Modern Girlz" which played at the top of our 2000 and something show in Provincetown at the Post Office Cabaret.

THE RIDE: Hard Kora and Conchita get picked up by Yaphet Kotto in "The Ride" for Showcase Television. A movie-length drama series pilot about city cabbies. (Circa 2000)


Showcase Commercials



SHOWCASE COMMERCIAL "YOU TALKIN AT ME?": Featuring Barbie-Q from The B-Girlz



SHOWCASE COMMERCIAL "HOMOPALOOZA": Featuring The B-GIrlz and friends.